Doctor Stephen Odzer is a pediatrician from Topeka, and one day, he was working at a local emergency department. Suddenly, he noticed people rushing through a door, making their way through the corridor as quickly as they could. There was a mother, looking as worried as a mother could, carrying a baby. The boy was about 18-months old, and he had been feeling sick for the past day. However, his heart rate suddenly started to increase, and his forehead was hot with fever.

Wisely, the mother thought it was about time to call a professional, so he drove the kid to the emergency room. Doctor Stephen Odzer quickly focused on the child, assessing his vital signs, as well as taking all of the standard emergency precautions.

“Has he been drinking or receiving hydration?” The doctor asked. The mother’s reply was unsure, so doctor Stephen Odzer proceeded to hydrate the child following the emergency protocol. It didn’t take long for the kid’s fast-beating heart to return at a normal pace. Quickly, the child started to look and feel a lot healthier, but something was up.

Doctor Stephen Odzer told the mother that he recommended further testing on the child just to make sure everything was fine with the heart rate. According to the mother, the baby had experienced some issues before that episode, but a previous pediatrician didn’t seem to notice anything special. However, doctor Odzer noticed that there was something unusual in the child’s heart rate. For this reason, he decided to involved the pediatric cardiology department. As it turned out, the poor kid suffered from a rare for of tachycardia, which causes heart rhythm problems. If left untreated and undiagnosed, this issue could have endangered the life of the child in the near future. Thankfully, they knew just what to do in the hospital’s state-of-the-art pediatric ICUT!

Doctor Odzer was not actually specialized in pediatric cardiology, but he actually kept following the case very closely, even as far has personally kept the family up to date with all of the latest development! After receiving proper care, the young child was able to return home, healthier than ever, and with a strong heart.