In the News

A number of medical services and programs offered at St. John’s have recently been featured in the news.Click on the links below to view articles posted by the Ventura County Star.

Surprising Procedure Could Save Millions of Americans
While antibiotics can be lifesavers, their increasingly frequent and common use is contributing to a number of unforeseen health issues, including C-diff, which is spreading at an alarming rate through nursing homes and the general population. Learn about the surprising new treatment for this condition, offered at St. John’s.

Life After Breast Cancer Treatment – What Happens Next?
What happens after you have successfully undergone treatment for breast cancer? Will you have to continue medical visits? How will your family and friends interact with you? Do you need to keep checking for warning signs that your cancer might have returned? Learn more about what you should do following your battle against breast cancer.

Cancer Detected Earlier with Simple Scans
Recent medical research suggests that CT scans can provide early detection of one of the most deadly diseases in the U.S., helping dramatically improve survival rates. Learn more about steps you can take to catch lung cancer earlier and improve your outcome.

Robots aren’t Just for Sci-fi, Surgical Robots are Here to Help
Proponents of robotic surgery say the equipment and surgical procedure provide a variety of benefits, including a steadier working platform for doctors, fewer incisions during an operation, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, reduced blood loss and less chance of an infection and other complications. Learn more about robotic surgery and its benefits.

Open Enrollment Underway for Affordable Care
An estimated 3.2 million people in California still don’t have health insurance. For qualified legal residents, the second and current open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act or ACA began Nov. 15 and continues through Feb.15. Learn more about how you can obtain subsidized insurance for 2015 through the state’s health insurance marketplace, Covered California.

How to Get Financial Help for Health Insurance
Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act or ACA is underway through Feb. 15. The Obama administration recently predicted that by the end of 2015, between 9 and 9.9 million Americans will be in federal and state insurance exchanges. Learn more about the financial resources available to you in the insurance exchange.