Birth Plan

Personalized Birth Plan

A personalized birth plan is available to every patient who is planning to deliver at St. John’s.

The plan details how the patient would like her delivery to proceed. She can also communicate her concerns and wishes to the expert, caring nursing staff. The goal is to inform expectant mothers of all the available options so that they can create a personalized birth plan that’s right for them.

In addition, St. John’s offers a pre-admission option, which allows mothers to complete all of the necessary admission paperwork before arrival at the hospital to deliver the baby. This way, when mothers are ready to deliver, their support person will be available to stay with them. You don’t have to leave your city to receive excellent care for you and your baby.

Our physicians and staff will help you take an active role in your pregnancy, labor and delivery. The experienced labor and delivery nurses who teach our classes offer the ideal balance of caring, practical experience and broad-based, factual knowledge.