Stay Heart Healthy

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Nearly 105 million American adults have high cholesterol, according to the American Heart Association, many of them women, increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke. Reducing your risk for heart attack is within your grasp if you improve your lifestyle and habits.

At St. John’s Heart and Vascular Institute, we are dedicated to helping you live heart healthy, and we invite you to share in our mission of creating a heart healthy community. Helping patients manage cardiac disease in their daily lives is one of our goals.

Remember, the time to act is before you have a heart attack. Take the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7™ Heart Health Assessment today to learn your risk factors, and then let your doctor and St. John’s Heart and Vascular Institute help you reduce your risk.

Here are some additional tips to help you along the way:

  • Learn simple lifestyle changes and healthy tips to help you live a heart-friendly lifestyle
  • Try an assortment of cholesterol-reducing recipes you can incorporate into your daily diet
  • Learn how to calculate your maximum heart rate

Take an online heart health assessment now or register for a “Know Your Numbers” low-cost heart screening today. You can also check out our Women’s Guide to Beating Heart Disease.

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