Integrated Breast Center

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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Let us calm your fears by allowing our team to walk with you through the entire treatment and recovery process step by step. Be seen by our specialists in one day, and leave the same day with options, a plan and hope. Start today by calling 805.988.7167.

The Integrated Breast Center at St. John’s offers:

  • A comprehensive appointment in which you’ll be seen by a multi-disciplinary team of providers in one day and leave the same day with a complete treatment plan
  • A dedicated oncology nurse navigator to guide you through the entire process
  • Various support groups and classes, free nutritional counseling, and an on-site cancer resource library
  • St. John’s Cancer Program has received accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer for exceptional expertise and patient-centered care

Our goals are to:

  • provide a unique, patient-centered multi-disciplinary environment for patients to obtain comprehensive breast cancer care in Ventura County and surrounding areas;
  • facilitate collaboration among breast care physicians and associated providers for effective and state-of-the-art breast cancer care directed at the whole patient;
  • educate the community about current options and new advances in breast cancer treatment and reconstruction, early detection and prevention; and
  • facilitate cutting edge research in breast cancer treatment, detection and prevention.

Convenience and Collaboration

All the physicians affiliated with our Integrated Breast Center are long-standing community physicians who have been working together in a multidisciplinary fashion for years. The program allows patients the opportunity to be seen by all providers in one setting. The patient’s situation will be discussed at a multidisciplinary conference immediately after the patient is seen. The patient will leave that day with a comprehensive plan for next steps in their treatment. If the patient wishes, the nurse navigator can help make arrangements for the next steps of their treatment plan. She also will be available for the patient throughout the rest of their treatment and recovery period and also refers the patient as appropriate to resources such as nutrition, social work, physical and spiritual therapies, and other support services.

Comprehensive Breast Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Medical Oncologist: to provide disease management and treatment options
  • General Surgeon: to provide surgical care for the treatment
  • Plastic Surgeon: to provide reconstructive options and surgery if needed or desired
  • Radiation Oncologist: to manage radiation therapy
  • Oncology Nurse Navigator: to provide support, education and resources for all patients
  • Oncology Certified Nutrition Specialist: to meet special nutritional needs and develop dietary meal plans
  • Counselors: for patients and families in need of guidance and support