As they wait to get fully vaccinated, parents wonder if their kids should put on face masks to protect them from coronavirus. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children above the age of 2 can wear face masks to protect themselves and others. Parents are wondering, does it make sense?

One thing is sure. Masks remain to be a simple but very powerful tool to help protect against the spread of COVID-19. This applies especially to children who might be too young to get vaccinated. Now that the beginning of the end of the pandemic is here with the vaccine rolled out, why should children continue wearing masks?

Children should wear masks

As we speak, most of the population that has been vaccinated are adults. Some parents are skeptical about having their kids vaccinated, but thanks to the power of information, most children are now getting the vaccine. However, there is no COVID vaccine yet for children under the age of 12. What does that mean for them?

Unvaccinated children can still get infected and transmit the virus. Parents with kids below the age of 12 should have them wear masks every time they step outdoors. Now that learning in schools is resuming, it is paramount for the kids to be safe now more than ever.

For the fully vaccinated children, they didn’t have to wear face masks. However, it’s still a good idea to have them wear masks to have the younger ones emulate them. This applies to parents as well. You can choose to model mask-wearing behavior to support your children in the course when you are out in public together. For example, next time you go to the grocery store, everyone should wear a mask.

The younger kids might feel like it is unfair for them to wear the masks alone. If they are out playing or simply hanging out with the other vaccinated kids, they can agree to have everyone wear masks to support the young ones who aren’t vaccinated.

According to research, it is possible to have COVID-19 but not show any symptoms. It is safe for your kids to wear comfortable face masks. This means a tight-fitting mask that is breathable and completely covers the mouth and nose. Talk with your children about why they should wear masks and explain it is safe to wear a mask even if some of the other kids might not be wearing them. Only children under two years old should not wear face masks to avoid the risk of suffocation.