Even with the vaccine being distributed by the government, COVID-19 is still a very real danger. Most parents are wondering, what can we do about trick-or-treating this year? Will Halloween be canceled?

Well, Halloween should not be canceled, but it has to be done safely. COVID-19 is still very contagious, and even with the virus, we don’t know much about it, and it’s now mutating variants. The virus can be spread in among many other ways by touching surfaces where infected droplets have landed. This makes the normal form of Halloween a dangerous proposal.

When the kids go trick-or-treating, they go in groups chatty and excited as they move door to door for candy. This close contact with others increases the risk of transmitting the virus. You can imagine if the kids come into contact with an infected person in one home. They might even spread the virus to the rest of the neighborhood. CDC directed that while it isn’t a good idea to cancel Halloween, it is a bad idea to do it the normal way. But how then do we celebrate Halloween and stay safe? Below are some safe ideas for Halloween:

  • Consider celebrating at home with costumes, decorations, and maybe one or two friends (outside or inside masked). Watch some scary movies together and have some fun treats. If the kids have to go out, make sure they are masked and probably accompany them to two or three houses max.
  • Organize a socially distanced “event” with a few neighbors. Moving so far is a no for the kids. Organize some kind of “parade” with the neighbors, probably a few families who are up to it. It can be in the parking lot or on the streets where you live. Let the kids feel the love and socialize with their friends under supervision. At the end of the parade, the parents (masked up, of course) could drop packaged treats into each kid’s bag.
  • You can dress up your kids and have them do trick-or-treat inside the house. They can go from one room to the other. It would even be so much fun if the parents dressed up in costumes as well.

As you celebrate, remember to use two-layered cloth masks to protect their faces if they go outside or have a friend or two come into the house. Remind the kids to wash their hands properly before enjoying any treats. Talk to your kids about being safe out there and why you are having them celebrate Halloween this way.

Halloween is exciting and fun, only that we might have it a bit different this year too.