Healthstat was opened more than 15 years ago with the aim of assisting municipalities as well as businesses in the reduction of the cost of healthcare and also elevating their well-being via patient-centered healthcare clinics, onsite and near-site. They can develop customized solutions that are precise for their patients. They are able to achieve this by actively involving the staff in their clinics, the patients as well as the employers. With the catchphrase, change is not an event, but a process, where the chances are that everyone has undergone such an experience and it can be scary especially when change is unknown. This organization takes the initiative of promoting healthy change regardless of it is financial, social, and physical or all of them combined.

Healthstat is dedicated to making a difference in the areas of work across the country and has somewhat a 1:1 ROI in the initial 18 months guarantee. Healthstat’s clients have the luxury of enjoying lower claims, a decrease in absenteeism, increased productivity, as well as a health benefit which their employees adore. The organization has more than 300 established clinics over 32 states. It is presently engaging with over 300,000 individuals each year. They provide customised health solutions to individuals for a full spectrum ranging from 500 to a more significant number of 40,000 employees. The organization does not use the Fee-for-service model policy leaving their clinicians to be laser-focused on the improvement of the client’s health without the involvement of any monetary incentive to charge for any additional treatments.

With the Healthstat team, the stakes, as well as the goals, are high. This has enabled the leaders to have the aim of assisting hundreds among thousands of individuals in taking an in-depth role in the management of their health. Some of the leaders who have the same interest in delivering the healthstat goals include Crockett Dale the CEO, Susan Kinzler the CFO and Vice President, Warren Hutton the COO and Executive Vice President.

This organization uses the emphasis that each patient and also business is unique in their way and thus the provision of customized services which are individually-tailored in their clinics. Healthstat clinics offer support to each of their patients at every stage in their integrated services such as biometric screenings and health assessment, ancillary services, primary care and coordination, occupational health, preventive health care and wellness and also the management of the chronic condition.